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app and pix :)

-Part One.. The Basics-
Name: Laura
Nicknames: Sexay Lau-ruh (by sexay mae-gun), Lora da explora (by phillip), chubba (by melissa), lawda (by richard)
Age: 14
Birthday: june 26
Location: michigan
Do you have a bf/gf?: no
What makes you sexay?: my eyes and lips
Describe Yourself In 5 Words: forgiving, respuctful, spunky, cute, and outgoing
-Part Two.. Favorites-
Favorite Movie(s): purple rain, dirty dancing, pirates of the carribean
Favorite Song(s): Southside, Because you loved me, Irresistable, moment like this
Favorite Band(s): to be honest, i like Single artists.. i don't listen to a lotta bands
Role Model: Julia Roberts.
Favorite Quote/Lyric: "The Best Thing You'll Ever Learn Is Just To Love and Be Loved In Return"-Moulin Rouge
-Part Three.. Random-
Interests: dance, ROTC, hang out, movies, and music
Something Funny: (this is a story) I was at a campfire at like 2:00 in the mornin and the fire went out and every1 blew on it to get it back up and no one could get it and i did it ...and it came back and i yelled "IM A GOOD BLOWER" really loud and everyone took it the wrong way...and yea it was funny!! you kinda had to be there lol ha
Love is..: sumtimes simple, sumtimes difficult, sometimes true and sometimes a lie
Something Most People Don't Know About You: if there is something i don't want ppl to know i wouldn't say it on here, but at the moment i honestly can't think of something??
Promote Us In 2 Places And Put Links Here:
Where Did You Hear About Us?: just lookin at communities and wanted to join! :) i think i MIGHT make it
Any Other Comments:
-Part Four.. Word Associations-
George Bush: war
I Wish I Had A..:a car
Bam Margera:hottt
Drugs:no thank you
Emo:hehe yesss
Sexay: me
Ugly:michael jackson
-Part Four.. Pictures-
2 Or More Pictures Of Yourself:
A Funny Picture:
A Random Picture:
A Picture Of Something/Someone You Love:
^i love her!! she's the best

sorry im not sure how to make the lj say what you want =-/ sorry.
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