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[ application ]
-Part One.. The Basics-
Nicknames:i dont really have one..my boyfriend calls me stink lol. i dont smell, its a long story/inside joke & neckalce, but thats just becuase my friend is weird and we made a joke out my ex bf, he told me i was his "necklace" lmao, so now my friend is braclet and i am necklace.
Birthday:feb. 15
Location:connecticut, usa
Do you have a bf/gf?:yes..neal <3
What makes you sexay?:my eyes
Describe Yourself In 5 Words:loving, happy, bubbly, loud, fun
-Part Two.. Favorites-
Favorite Movie(s):remember the titans, cabin fever,50 first dates
Favorite Song(s):i like that (houstan), theres a bunch of blink182 songs, and the love song-311, happy people- r.kelly
Favorite Band(s):blink182, diffuser, zebrahead, thursday, brand new, dashboard confessional
Role Model:brittany murphy <333 her
Favorite Quote/Lyric:"only time will heal your broken heart, just as only time will heal his broken arms and legs."-miss piggy
-Part Three..
Random-"abracadabra...i wanna reach out and grab ya."
Interests:horseback riding, photography, tennis, volleyball
Something Funny:my friends
Love is..:amazing
Something Most People Don't Know About You:i wear colored contacts
Promote Us In 2 Places And Put Links Here:http://www.livejournal.com/~girlbadguyswnt/46534.html
Where Did You Hear About Us?:another journal
Any Other Comments:umm nope
-Part Four.. Word Associations-
George Bush:why does everyone ask this?
I Wish I Had A..:car
Bam Margera:hott..i miss the show :(
Drugs:pot..bad dont to them
Ugly:feet. i hate feet.
-Part Four.. Pictures-
2 Or More Pictures Of Yourself:iim on the left. my friend and i on our a bus on the way to VA beach for a compition...& we won 2nd place!! yay..like our shades, yo? lolme @ 6am on the way to VA beach..
going to my boyfriends prom
ok sorry its big..prom again.
A Funny Picture:my friend in VA beach lol
A Random Picture:
A Picture Of Something/Someone You Love:my boyfriend..its a good thing my friend chris is a GREAT photographer..not...you might be able to see him better in this pic..lol

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