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Name: Allison Ivy
Nicknames: allie, al, allisantastic
Age: 15
Birthday: 4/28
Location: michigan, near detroit
Do you have a bf/gf?: nope, single :)
What makes you sexay?: my eyes, personality, being a girl... u know us girls ;)
Describe Yourself In 5 Words: funky, energetic, crazy, loving, talkative
-Part Two.. Favorites-
Favorite Movie(s): girl interrupted, gia, bowling for columbine, harry potter >.<, thirteen, moulin rouge (say it with me now.. all you need is love..) damn i love that movie, romeo and juliet w. leo,
Favorite Song(s): hmhm, dirrty -xtina, take a picture - filter, higher - creed, heaven - dj sammy, bicycle - queen, brand new colony - postal service, noise and kisses - the used, hailies song - eminem, still frame - trapt, fly away - lenny kravitz
Favorite Band(s): postal service, the used, switchfoot, weezer, blink 182, the cure, linkin park

Role Model: dont have one -- i take attributes and qualities from differnt people
Favorite Quote/Lyric: hm - u know what? i dont really have one.. ive never thought about it, ive ever really heard a great quote etc thats worth memorizing or following..ya know?

Part Three.. Random-
Interests: socializing, music, fashion
Something Funny: today at drivers ed.. first time driving rightout ont he road.. i crashed.. >.<
Love is.. - (say it with me now...) a many splended thing, love lifts you up were we belong, all you need is love -- nah but i truely believe love is ane xtremely powerful thing, its undescribable.. its probably the strongest thing in life, stronger then a gun, stronger then winning the lottery..
Something Most People Don't Know About You: oh now thats torture... okok im bii
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Where Did You Hear About Us?: stella_x0_bella
Any Other Comments:
-Part Four.. Word Associations- (haha!)
George Bush: pathetic
Boogy: nose
Silly: catipilar.. i have no idea why i always think of that when i hear that word
I Wish I Had A..: 4.0 gpa
Bam Margera: beanie
Drugs: weed
Emo: emotion
Hardcore: sex *growl*
Sexay: babay
Ugly: monkey
-Part Four.. Pictures-
2 Or More Pictures Of Yourself:

^^ and thats not food in myteeth >.<

A Funny Picture:
A Random Picture:
A Picture Of Something/Someone You Love:

</p> jessicas lips <3
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