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Name: Breana Morelock <3
Nicknames: bre, noodles
Age: 14 (i know! im young)
Birthday: 2/23/90
Location: Malibu, CA
Do you have a bf/gf?: nope, i wish!
What makes you sexay?: i dont really understand the question, but if it means, what do i think is a nice trait, then i guess my eyes?
Describe Yourself In 5 Words: nice, fun, out going, down to earth, short
-Part Two.. Favorites-
Favorite Movie(s): the sweetest thing, i love this movie! and basicly anything with Cameron Diez
Favorite Song(s): bicycle--queen, "shes got a girlfriend now"--reel big fish, dont mug yourself--the streets
Favorite Band(s): queen, reel big fish, david bowie, the streets
Role Model:this singer, shes not really that big, but she is so good, i dont know her name, but she is from "cat-power"
Favorite Quote/Lyric: "save the trees, burn the BUSH"
-Part Three.. Random-
Interests: snowboarding, singing, surfing, softball
Something Funny: about me?...
Love is..: i dont know, i have never been in love :-(
Something Most People Don't Know About You:i dont know how to go underwater without plugging my nose
Promote Us In 2 Places And Put Links Here: www.livejournal.com/users/wonder__years/ www.livejournal.com/users/hi_im_danielle/
Where Did You Hear About Us?: i saw you through a friend
Any Other Comments: im sorry if i didnt answer a couple questions, i dont really understnad them
-Part Four.. Word Associations-
George Bush: idiot
Boogy: booger?
Silly: giggling
I Wish I Had A..: cellphone
Bam Margera: hotttt
Drugs: ick
Emo: cute boys
Hardcore: scary
Sexay: models, i wish i was
Ugly: Napoleon Dinamite
-Part Four.. Pictures-
2 Or More Pictures Of Yourself:

A Funny Picture:

A Random Picture:

A Picture Of Something/Someone You Love:
(sorry, its not that clear)
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