Sunshine [totally] (monkeyfreak657) wrote in s0o_sexay_x3,
Sunshine [totally]

-Part One.. The Basics-
Name: christina
Nicknames: chris, monkey
Age: 14
Birthday: 12.16.1989
Location: fort myers, fl
Do you have a bf/gf?: nope
What makes you sexay?: my eyez
Describe Yourself In 5 Words: funny, loud, talented, outgoing, sweet
-Part Two.. Favorites-
Favorite Movie(s): thirteen
Favorite Song(s): 'i miss you'-blink 182 + 'my happy ending'-avril lavigne
Favorite Band(s): blink-182, smile empty soul, mudvayne, slipknot, dead poetic
Role Model: avril lavigne
Favorite Quote/Lyric: cute but psycho...things even out
-Part Three.. Random-
Interests: listening to music (especially rock), hanging w/ friends, skim boarding, watching tv, going to beach
Something Funny: one day at lunch i asked if u could drive to texas
Love is..: is a feeling that you want to be with someone for the rest of your life
Something Most People Don't Know About You: i like having friendz that r guyz more than friendz that r girlz
Promote Us In 2 Places And Put Links Here:
Where Did You Hear About Us?: cheerupx3emokid 
Any Other Comments: umm...i dont think so
-Part Four.. Word Associations-
George Bush: president
Boogy: man
Silly: goose
I Wish I Had A..: boyfriend
Bam Margera: hott
Drugs: are bad for u
Emo: kids
Hardcore: music
Sexay: teens
Ugly: duckling
-Part Four.. Pictures-
2 Or More Pictures Of Yourself:

A Funny Picture:

A Random Picture:

A Picture Of Something/Someone You Love:

 (my best friend!!! <3)

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